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Personal consulting to guide you with the tools you need to be your personal best​
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With one of our specialists as your guide, learn the tools you'll need to reach goals, develop skills, uncover gifts, discover the positions of life, develop habits of success, confront fear and control thoughts, and create a personalized plan to dominate each industry and make the impossible become normal. 

Start your journey to success with encouragement and relevant strategies to help you implement the success systems into your personal life and profession. Receive the training you need to deliver peak performance and undeniable results in every area of your life, including physically, emotionally, mentally, soulfully, and spiritually.


Our specialists are qualified and equipped to help clients reach their goals and maximize their potential. With a focus in personal and professional empowerment, development, and advancement, our specialists guide clients in reaching personal achievement and peak performance. Each of our specialists have not only witnessed the success of the systems but have also successfully completed the systems themselves, making them excellent guides to give relevant and applicable consulting for our systems. Your own personal specialist who will train and walk you through our systems to give personalized strategies and tools for any field or industry. 

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CEO & Founder

Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a spiritual psychologist who enhances mental wellness as a personal development trainer and life coach. He is a professional keynote speaker who focuses on removing the misconceptions about our true capabilities. Dr. Rhodman is a leading authority in spiritual psychology and personal achievement, and he uses divinely-inspired techniques to improve mental performance. He is also a subject-matter expert in leadership development and empowerment advancement, which he uses to improve mental health issues. As CEO and founder of Success Epitomized LLC, he consults and provides personal growth strategies for both companies and individuals.



Sports & Professional Athletes

Traevon Jackson is a professional basketball player with experience playing major collegiate athletics where he was able to help lead Wisconsin to the Final Four back-to-back in 2014 and 2015. After college, Traevon played for the Washington Wizards, the NBA D-league (now G-league), and in eastern Europe. As an experienced athlete, Traevon will teach team-building, strategizing under pressure, creativity, personal development, the process of mastering specific skills, and growth of the minds. 



Sports & Professional Athletes

Chris Ozene is a former marine, licensed professional barber, and freelance tour barber for celebrities, professional athletes, and other professionals. He is also a certified personal trainer, certified USA boxing coach, entrepreneur, business mogul, and music producer. Chris has assisted with the startup and management of many businesses in many industries, including auto detailing and auto sales, construction, real estate, barbershops, inventions, beauty and health products, nonprofits, lawn services, art galleries, apparel boutiques, and fitness gyms.



Music, Business & Entrepreneurship for moms

Victoria Harris specializes in helping clients get back into the workforce or start their own business, specifically for stay-at-home moms. She is a musician and in the process of developing her own record label. She also began an editing and proofreading company, editing children's books, educational books, websites, social media content, and other outreach content. She also is a self-taught graphic designer who enjoys designing flyers, social media content, websites, and other products for small businesses.



Entertainment, Professional Actors & Models

Zach Riddle is a professional model working with IMG models. He has worked with some of the biggest companies in the fashion industry; such as Calvin Klein, Versace, and Nike. He has been blessed to be able to travel to places for modeling like Australia, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom among other places. He is also a fitness trainer. Zach worked at Mayweather boxing and fitness as a trainer there while being in Los Angeles, California. Now, he is a head trainer with IGI health and fitness. He is also an actor and makes music as well. Zach Riddle is here to encourage and uplift you throughout your journey!



Storytelling, Media, & Entertainment

Corine Marie is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and Amazon bestselling author. She is passionate about using creativity and storytelling to inspire and empower young adults.Corine’s goal is to effectively influence millions of young men and women through storytelling, media, and entertainment. She has written and published books, drafted movie scripts, as well as television scripts.As a mental performance specialist, Corine specializes in helping people unlock their creativity and reach for their dreams without limits. She encourages creators to not limit their creativity to the status quo but to unlock the full potential and ideas they have inside of them to bring them to life.



Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Essentials, Change Management, Communication, Sales & Negotiations

Lucas Tindell is an author, public speaker, corporate trainer, executive coach and host of a live video podcast. Lucas has spent over ten years working in key leadership positions focusing not only on organizational development but primarily on the development of people. He now serves as a leadership development consultant working with global leaders to identify strengths and areas of development for sustainable growth and improvement.He also helps people find the joy and success that has often eluded them both personally and professionally and helps singles and couples become mentally, spiritually and emotionally fit for a healthy lasting relationship. Lucas guides individuals, leaders, and teams in developing the leadership competencies necessary to drive change, create innovative solutions and create experiences that customers never forget. 



Communication Skills, Educational Development, Athletic Development

Delmar will help you reach that level of freedom you have been looking for. Delmar loves to have fun, speak positivity, and help his clients live stress-free lives through breakdown and understanding. One of Delmar’s favorite sayings is “The Breakdown is REAL!” Delmar will help you break things down in life so that you can have better understanding that you are the creator of your reality. Delmar will encourage you so that you can reach your full potential and empower you to become and do all things with no restrictions. He will help you become the perfect example of success.



Holistic Health & Healing, Health & Wellness Nutritionist

Sharon will give you the tools that you need to know how to improve mental health and wellness, nutrition, and augmentation your holistic healing so you can do it yourself. Sharon is here to help you unlock the power you have inside of you to manifest your greatness. Sharon is here to help you develop character and consistent habits to make wellness a way of life. Sharon is going to teach you how to eat to live, because the foods we eat motivate our life. 



Sports & Professional Athletes

Trey will help you take your ultimate goal and show you how to mentally make it achievable. Trey has an unnatural ability to thrive in uncomfortable situations to reach higher levels success. He has a knack to see and stand on the vision even when it doesn't seem possible in visible sight. He walks in supernatural faith and courage to push beyond the barriers of people's perceptions and physical reality. His unparalleled ability to stand on the truth in the face of adversity and pushes through to a point that many quit. Trey will help you move past your present barriers and he will  push you to reach a standard of excellence and perfection. 


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Personal consulting to guide you with the tools you need to be your personal best



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Imagination Training

Controlling & Ruling Your Thoughts

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Learning Appointed Times of Results

Mastery Principles & Laws

Creating the Right Connections & Agreements

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Spiritual Empowerment

Unlocking of Supernatural Powers

Soul Development & Refreshment

Healing from Past Experiences

Direct Emotional Power

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"Success Epitomized has been a tremendous asset to my life. The principles and tools that they teach have helped me in my career and in my personal life. My advisor was the one who helped me put the whole picture together, giving me reason behind why I wanted to play basketball and why I wanted to go to the NBA."