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Website design and management for exceptional Wix websites



Harmony Designs, a branch of Success Epitomized, specializes in designing professional and customizable Wix websites. We give a customized site design, tailoring our service to ensure your vision for your website is captured perfectly. Our designs engage the audience you are targeting, helping you to build up your brand on the web. We create websites that are visually stimulating and engaging and attract your target audience. We take pride in the quality and efficiency of our products. Not only do we work diligently to bring clients content they will enjoy and want to share with customers, but we also want our clients to enjoy the process as well. We make sure to listen to the needs and concerns of our clients so that we understand how to best fix issues and give them a plan of action that will give them peace of mind.


We design simple, compelling, and functional WIX websites that make it easy for users to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for when they arrive at your site. Our websites are clean, modern, and draw customers in with vibrant colors, organized layouts, and clear navigation for ease of use. If you are looking for a professional look and memorable and smooth experience, Harmony Designs is a great option!


Choose between our three current services: template purchase, template purchase with customization, or template purchase with customization and website management. Our website customization and management services will begin July 2022. 

Working on Laptop


This service is for people who simply want to purchase one of our ready-made Wix templates and do everything themselves. This option is great for people who want to input their own content and run and manage their own website.



This service is for people who want to purchase one of our ready-made Wix templates and include our customization service to input all of your brand or business information on your site. This does not include management of your site. 

Finishing an Assignment


This service is for people who want to purchase one of our ready-made Wix templates, our customization service, and our monthly website management service for your website.



Our goal is to design or transform your site into a well-designed web and mobile responsive design. Choose from our three service options. When you purchase one of our templates, you also receive a Startup guide that includes helpful tutorials and tips for customizing your website and 14-day technical support included in your purchase. 



The first step is to decide which service you would like and to select the Wix template you would like to purchase to customize for your brand or business.



After you have selected the Wix template and service you would like, you can complete the inquiry form and we will respond within 72 hours with payment options so you can make your purchase.



Within 72 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email with all of the necessary details including your admin login, your Startup Guide, and other details.



Depending on the service you chose, this is the time where either you or Harmony Designs will customize your site to match your brand. If you signed up for our management services, we will begin management as well for a monthly fee.



Great for consulting services, coaches, bloggers, influencers, and other service-based businesses

Health Consulting Template.png



What's Included?

Customizable Wix website template, Documentation (Short tutorials), Startup Guide, 14-day technical support


Home, About, Services, Consultation, Blog, Contact

Important Details:

This template includes a Calendly embed, which is en external scheduling platform that will require you to create an account with Calendly (they offer free plans)

Responsive On:

Mobile, Laptop, Desktop


Health  Template is a modern + completely customizable Ready-Made Website created for consulting services, coaches, bloggers, influencers, and other service-based businesses that have an earthy or clean vibe. The fresh tones and colors attract your ideal clients. If you are looking to transform your online presence and create an aesthetic that is uniquely yours, then this is the right Ready-Made Website for you. It can also be easily extended to even showcase any physical products or blog content you may have, making it such a flexible engagement booster that is also share-worthy. If you are serious about building trust, educating your followers on your service offering and establishing yourself as an authority figure in your industry ,then again, this is your Ready-Made Website.






“As a nurse by career I’ve always sought out ways to expand nursing to educate others on their health by making prevention the key to a healthy life. I had the opportunity to meet a spiritual advocate, who influence the intentions and activities of COVE and assisted me with expanding the creation beyond my journal pages. That advocate is VK Designs [now Harmony Designs]. They have been and continue to be a blessing to me as well as COVE. Their design of the website, the marketing promotions and ideas are amazing. I’m enjoying every moment of it and extremely excited to see everything bloom before our eyes and touch people in the most meaningful ways.”

What is a ready-made website?
A Ready-Made Website is literally a website that is already set up and ready for customization/use by the end user. Think of it as a ‘template’ or an all in one solution for anyone who needs a website for their business.
Will you teach me how to edit the website?
Upon purchase of the Ready-Made Website/Landing Page we will provide you with a Quick Start guide and important links where you can go through more tutorials that will guide through customizing your website/landing page. Please note, as each person`s learning speeds are different, we can not guarantee that you will completely understand all the tutorials. You will need to have at least a basic understanding of how to use a computer in order to get to grips with the customization process.
Will I get full access to my ready-made website?
Yes, you will have full access to your Ready-Made Website/Landing Page. After we receive your payment for your Ready-Made Website/Landing Page, we will email you all the necessary login credentials i.e Wix admin details. At this point, you will be free to start updating the Ready-Made Website/Landing Page content as you please.
What platform do you design on?
All our Ready-Made Websites/Landing Pages are built on Wix. Wix is a great, easy-to-use platform, especially for those who are just beginning in web design. 
How long will it take you to set up my ready-made website?
After payment is made, you will receive an email with all the necessary login credentials i.e Wix admin details and your startup guide.
What does the price include?
The price includes your customizable Wix website template, Documentation (Short tutorials), Startup Guide, & 14-day technical support
Do you offer refunds?
We regret to inform you that all sales are final and we do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues with using any of our products or services. Should you decide to cancel your service with us, please be reminded once again that there are no returns or refunds applicable.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments via PayPal and via all major cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover etc). Please note that the available payment methods may change depending on your region. After submitting your order, you will be prompted to fill in your billing information and will be able to choose your credit card. It’s that simple!
Do you offer technical support after purchase?
We do! After your purchase, you have a 14-day technical support to help you answer any questions you may have concerning your Ready-made website. 

Interested in our website designing services? Contact us with any questions, comments, or inquiries!

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