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Dr. Anthony Rhodman is a spiritual psychologist and is the expert on the secrets to perfect and predictable success. Dr. Rhodman applies these secrets into many different trades and industries to help people remove the misconceptions about their true capabilities. As a subject matter expert in spiritual psychology and success, Dr. Rhodman has discovered that all success in life is predicated on people’s thoughts of themselves through their psychological make-up and their belief systems that determine how they answer the seven most important questions of life. Dr. Rhodman has found the keys and unlocked the doors to the universal system of prosperity and success and has presented these ancient hidden truths for people to discover within his services, trainings, virtual systems, and speaking engagements.

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As a spiritual advisor and life guide, Dr. Anthony Rhodman established Anew Life, a life coaching community and agency that trains life coaches and gives clients life plans to be successful in their journey of life. This community and agency is designed to help people turn mental health issues into mental empowerment, create structure in life, and create a strategic plan that guarantees personal success. Anew Life helps clients build their own life plan with the help of a life coach and gives the tools to have proper mental health and wellness, which leads to a healthier and more successful life where goals can be accomplished and full potential is realized and reached. The Anew Life Coach Training equips life coaches with the tools they need to help their clients make life plans and goals and accomplish them. In the training, the topics discussed include learning how to create a successful plan, learning the Anew Life Training Curriculum, learning to market and network the right audience, how to build and nurture relationships, and much more. 

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As a community leader, Dr. Anthony Rhodman founded and built the In God’s Image Community that trains leaders on how to be true leaders of professionalism, influence, culture, and guidance through mentorship.



While most people focus more on the tangible outcomes of financial services, Dr. Anthony Rhodman focuses on bridging the gap and connecting heavenly financial literacy and tangible financial literacy that creates true financial freedom and wealth. Through Infinite Assurance, Dr. Rhodman teaches how heavenly currency can create physical currency. Infinite Assurance goes beyond money, which is what many people think finances is all about and helps people discover what is truly valuable in life. 

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We are taught that you have to fail to succeed, which is why nine out of ten businesses fail. Dr. Anthony Rhodman doesn’t believe in this philosophy, mindset, or averages because he knows that success is predictable if you have the right keys. Dr. Rhodman has developed divine business literacy and practices that create perfect and predictable success for you and your business.



As a theological and seminary professor, Dr. Anthony Rhodman has created the theological speaker training to help people learn and develop the proper articulation to explain the gospel truths and answers to the most important and difficult questions of life. As the founder and chairman of Be All Knowing University, Dr. Anthony Rhodman established a place for spiritual leaders and teachers to gain the insight of the hidden truths of life so they can establish communities based on the truths of life and not the philosophies and ideologies of iniquity.

Throughout all these services and organizations, Dr. Anthony Rhodman has helped clients from all fields of life using divinely-inspired techniques to improve performance in every area of life. He has consulted and provided personal growth strategies for both companies and individuals. His clients consist of families, relationships, professional athletes, models, business executives, insurance professionals, financial investors, health and wellness companies, recording artists, legal firms, and many more.


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